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services overview

  • RAW data analysis.

    Despite the great advances in popular tools for data analysis, there is no golden standard for data analysis. Every experiment is unique and therefore even the most state of the art pipeline may very well inadecuate for a particular task. We take great care in not only selecting the top of the line published algorithms, but also to benchmark and select the best one according to the aim of each particular experiment. Custom pipelines can also be tailored/tuned to meet specific needs given a precise experimental context. We stride to provide the best customizations of the best data analysis protocols and therefor provide the best tools.

  • Cross Correlation to Third Party Datasets.

    After data has been properly curated and normalized, the most common second step is to cross correlate this dataset to existing ones in order to validate the analysis and to discover new trends. Understarding the power and limitations of wide variety of publicly available resources allows our experts make the connections that matter to biologically relevant datasets.

  • Smart Functional Annotation.

    Once annotated and crosslinked, the data is now ready for the data minning process. Given the large number of functional enrichemnt assays and the even larger number of functional annotations, it is easy to loose track in a diluge of results. We provide a focused/customized and informed approach that can find golden nuggets of truth in mountains of false positives results.

  • Interactive Analysis and Visualizations.

    No analysis is ever complete, and it is not possible to generate all possible combinations. For this reason, after providing the core initial reports, we also provide intuitive user-friendly interafaces to the data. These in turn allow our customers to dig even deeper into the data and ask new questions that inevitably arrise from the initial report.